For Sale

I know I have not posted since… well I can’t remember when I last posted…

Work on the GT project is still going on, i have just not posted.

Its not running yet and it does not have an interior but all in good time. I have plans its just a case of working out when I have time to do work and i’m not enjoying the sunshine or i’m not at work.

Anyway the reason for this post…

I am selling my Cooper.

I don’t want to but I need to, I don’t really have the space or time for 2 minis 😦

For Sale is my 1994 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i


British Racing Green Paint

White and Black Chequered Roof

Rally style white number 19 on each door

Signature “John Cooper” bonnet stripes

Chrome “GB” boot badge

“Mini Cooper” Rear Decals they are a little faded, but I have new ones to replace them

There is some rust in places, but you expect it on a mini this age.


Black Marble Effect Dash

Black Pioneer Head Unit

Half Leather Cooper Interior

Red Carpets with Black Mini Cooper Mats

There is a rip in the headlining on the passengers side, as well as some wear on the front seats.


1275cc but was bored by 20cc before I got it.

Has a mechanical rebuild which included:

New Starter Motor

New Alternator

New Coil, Dizzy Cap, Plugs and Leads

Filters were also replaced

New ECU Relay Pack

Crank was reground

Gearbox has been replaced (not new)

New clutch

New Piston Rings, I was told the cylinders were ok and a rebore was not required.

Mileage is 81000 approx

I don’t at the minute have paper work for the work done, I have moved toMilton Keynessince the work was done and I seemed to have misplaced it. I am trying to get the company that did the work to resend an invoice.

My Mini is being sold with an MOT Till March 2012 and Tax till August 2012

The car is currently inMilton Keynes

If you or anybody you know is interested in buying my mini, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Steering And Shocks

Now the car was home (has a temporary nickname of chubby, don’t really know why and it’s only me that calls it that but oh well!!) The first thing that needs addressing was the steering. Steering rack was in a box and the wheels were just flopping all over the show.


The steering rack was painted blue (by the previous owner) from what he said all the blue parts are in better condition and the bits he was going to put back on the car. So we used the blue bits where we could. After rummaging through boxes we found the mounting brackets and some track rod ends so we went about mounting it all. I can tell you, mounting the steering rack with the sub-frame attached to the car was really hard. We ended up with the front wheels on ramps and the back end on a trolley jack so we could wiggle the rack in.

We got the steering rack in, then realised that the brackets would not fit as there was not enough clearance between the sub-frame and the body. We had to drop the sub-frame away from the body. This was a challenge to say the least, but we managed to work out a system. We used jacks and adjustable ramps to lift the body up and managed to make a big enough gap to fit the brackets through. It was a pain in the butt, but it worked.

While the wheels were off we found a pair of shocks as it was missing these as well. The shocks that were used are not great but for the time being they will do. We plan on replacing these in the future with spax adjustable shocks or at the very least a set of good quality high performance shocks.

After, Now that’s better

Out With The Old

First things first ripping out the crap!!

There was a Skoda dash installed. Don’t know why and its not as if it looked nice. It was installed really badly with the wiring harness being destroyed and joined in a really bad way. Needless to say I hated it so it came out…

The pictures are not great, but oh well!! After pulling it out we found out that the shelf / dash had been cut to fit the Skoda dash, so that will have to be replaced. A centre console was also installed which has been kept, we are going to see if it can tastefully included but not sure, it may restrict leg room too much.

Also there was this really weird and sticky black stuff stuck to the roof, with lots of cleaner and a good time had by all it came off (i think the good time is because i was using an aerosol in a confined area, its basically a well ventilated area, a car in a garage with no windows…). The plan is to insulate the roof to make the car a bit warmer and to make it a bit cosier as well. Jason got to rip the dash out (the fun bit) and I got scrape the black stuff off the roof. Oh well it needed to be done.

Fresh Air At Last

Have not posted in a little while, been a bit busy doing other things. I’m still catching up with the whole blog thing as have been working on the car and I have not even blogged about picking it up yet…

So after collecting all the bits and pieces and tidying them all so a car can actually fit in, I thought it was about time to actually go and get the car. Luckily for me Jason’s dad has a 4 x 4 with a tow bar and also has access to a trailer, and after asking him really nicely and giving plenty of notice he would be willing to pick the car up for us.

We organised a weekend that was good for everybody and we embarked on our mini adventure. We loaded the car up with tools and went to collect the trailer.

After arriving and meeting Bob’s wife (as bob was not home) we started to move the car out of the garage. The sump was sat on a trolley type device that kept the front wheels off the floor. The car was really unstable on the trolley so we dropped the car onto its wheels, where we discovered that the front wheels were seized. It was either in gear of the brakes was solid. After playing around with the gear linkage (that wasn’t connected) we found out it was out of gear. And that the brakes must be stuck on, there was not fluid in the system and that the brakes weren’t even connected. We had to free the wheels and with a massive socket and breaker bar we managed to free the wheels.

You can see in this picture the trolley under the sump and the wheels are not straight.

We then found out the steering rack was not connected and that the front wheels would not stay in a straight line, this made pushing it onto the trailer a bit more of a challenge. We found a system that would work. Jason and I took a front wheel each and his dad pushed from behind. We had to manually rotate the wheels as well as keeping them straight and steering when needed as well. Needless to say it was a challenge but we got there in the end. We got the car loaded on the trailer, with plenty of space for the; bonnet, doors and engines. The doors and bonnet we stored inside the car and strapped them down and the engines sat on the trailer in front of the car. They were also strapped down and secured. Jason’s dad used to drive big lorries and has moved many loads on trailers, so he secured it all and made sure it was not going anywhere.

You can also see in this picture the high visability jackets we were given to help protect the doors.

After nearly an hour drive (driving slower as we were carrying a load) we arrived at the garage. Luckily we were able to pull the trailer to outside the garage. And it was not too hard to roll the car into the garage. We also tucked the engines at the back of the garage. They were not too bad to move with a trolley without a trolley on the other hand, not so easy.

You can see the sub frames down the side, but cant really make out the engines. They are at the back tucked away.

Once we got it in the garage I realised that the journey the car just made was the first time it has seen fresh air in best part of 20 Years. Luckily it didn’t rain.

Bringing you Home Box At A Time

I rang bob back and told him I got a garage he was quite surprised at how quickly I was sorting everything out, I think he guessed how much I wanted this car. I jokingly said to Jason ‘we could go get some of the boxes of stuff’ the next thing I knew I was on the phone to Bob to see if could come get some of the many bits and pieces. When he asked when were we looking to collect some of the stuff I replied ‘half and hour’ he was a bit taken back but he said it was not too much of an issue. We did 2 car loads that day and that was pretty much all the bits and pieces picked up apart for the engines and the shell. While loading the car (and having a quick rummage) we found an assortment of bits and pieces, from what looked like 3 different cars. We took all the bits and pieces back to the garage and kinda dumped them with the attitude of we will sort them later.

It was decided that we need a bench / table in the garage in care we needed to do work on components we also though that a storage rack or shelving unit would be a good idea. So we went to check out the local dumps to see if we could recycle other people’s ‘junk’, we managed to find an old table with some heavy-duty legs and also we found a metal industrial style racking system. The shelves were £3 and the table was £7 BARGAIN!! My dad would be proud, he loves a bargain.

Here you can see me putting things in the garage. You can see, if you look really hard, the table at the back as well as the shelves towards the back left corner of the garage.

After the bits were dumped in the garage it was decided that it maybe needed tidying as a car would not fit in it. So large plastic boxes were borrowed to store engine parts in and they were stacked neatly under the table. All the many tools were stored neatly on the rack and all in all I think we did a reasonably good job.

I would include a picture of the ‘tidy’ garage but I used the best picture on another post, and there is no point posting the same picture twice.

Found You A Home

After researching online about garage rental I found next to nothing.

I found that storage containers could be rented for about £50 a month but they can’t store cars due to insurance, and because I HAD to give a telephone number I keep getting phone calls asking if I still want a storage container (it’s real pain!!).

I did find out that the local council rent garages but i was warned they may be hard to get hold of though. After ringing to enquire I found out that there were 2 garages round the corner from me, so I got the keys and went to have a look, 1 was really skanky and had black stuff on the walls and ceiling (i think soot from exhausts) it also had an old electric meter, the garage looked like it hadn’t been open in years. The other was much nicer and looked like it had had a recent coat of paint. Needless to say I went with the second one.

My garage but with a few pits and pieces inside.

The garage I got is 5 minutes from where I am staying and is only £50 a month plus it’s a lot bigger than a storage container and i have 24 hour access a real bargain I think. I was really lucky to get a garage apparently, I was told  the week before I enquired there were no empty garages and the 2 I looked at were only vacated recently.

Love At First Sight

The Mini meet was on a Tuesday night. I was a bit bored the following evening so my friend (Jason you will be hearing a lot more about later) and I gave ‘1275gt bob’ a quick phone call, and asked about viewing the car. We found out that he was only half and hour down the road, so a few minutes later we were outside his house, and about to see the mini he had for sale. By this point Jason and I were really excited, well I was anyway I can’t comment on how Jason was feeling. I had butterflies in my stomach, it felt almost as if it was a blind date or I was standing outside waiting to take a girl to prom.

When Bob opened the garage we saw what could be described as a sad little mini. She was sitting really low at the back (due to things being stored inside) the front end was being held on a trolley with a few bricks on it to add height. Both front wheels were barely touching the floor (because of the trolley). She was a shell with wheels and the rest were of the bits were in boxes. The car was finished in a deep red (believed to be an Aston Martin shade) with wide rolled arches. Inside the garage were an additional 2 engines with gear boxes and numerous boxes full of bits and piece (5 or 6 boxes i think). At a glance I think everything was there, it just needed putting together again. From what Bob told us what we needed to put it back together was glass (except rear screen) and drive shafts. I told Bob that I was very interested in the car and would love to take it, but I had to find somewhere to store it. So if he could keep it ‘reserved’ for me to give me some time to solve where to store it and I could ring him as soon as I knew anything.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of his garage (I thought it would be a bit weird if I took pictures of someone else’s garage…)